Buying a new accommodation always means pleasant chores, preceding the moving in. It is choosing the furniture, decorating walls and ceilings, wallpapering, placing various decorative elements in the apartment etc. In those moments each of us has his inner designer waking up, however we still lack the experience in the area.

Usually when you decorate the rooms yourself, you can hardly ever predict the final result. This is why we recommend applying to people, for whom design is the profession. Experienced designers can create the project, which will fit the apartment and meet your requirements.

Besides, professional designers know and apply in their work the recent trends in the interior decorating world. Expert’s view always gives complete and mature look to the project. Every detail in a good project is located in certain place for a reason. Creating the project, designer usually considers two principles:

- aesthetics;

- comfort of living.

If the result of designer company or an individual designer’s work combine these two principles, you have chosen good specialists. For example, our studio always sticks to these criteria while working with the projects.


Andrey Soktuta Interior Design Studio



Among the most popular designer studios in the country there is ours. We have been successfully engaged in apartment, office and house interior design projecting since 2008. Today our work gives amazing results in the form of loyal customers, high positions of the studio on the native market and the portfolio we are proud of.


Every client is unique for the studio, as every new project differs from the previous one. We are not afraid of challenges: even the most complicated orders will be finished properly and in time. The best evidence of our professionalism is the clients satisfied by the studio’s work.

Our main advantage is attention to the most unimportant – as one can think – tiny things. In Andrey Sokruta studio we are sure, that there is no priority in design, every detail is equally important, every ornament conveys the character of the room.


Why customers pick us



Our experience gives us right to say how clients respond to our work. That is why we can think of the reasons why people come to us. Andrey Sokruta studio is a company created and working primarily for the client. That is why every order is completed due to the client’s comfort.


The first reason to pick us is professional services. Design requires permanent attention and time, this is the only way you can follow all the details and recent trends. We always develop our skills and offer new and brave solutions to our customers.

One more reason is a client-oriented price policy. The costs of our services are not too high from the very beginning. However, for our loyal clients we make pleasant discounts and bonuses. Thus, collaborating is very beneficial for both parts. Be sure, that having applied to Andrey Sokruta studio you will always receive high quality services on the conditions suitable for you.